Experience Horn-Bad Meinberg and the environment in a very special way: The Segway as an E-Mobile offers the opportunity to explore the "Land of Hermann" comfortable and with lots of fun. The Segway is steered, braked and accelerated by shifting your weight. The unaccustomed feeling disappears very quickly with the instruction by a qualified person and the feeling of security comes quickly, so that the journey will be a pleasurable experience. You get the Segway and a safety helmet at the Segway store and you will be accompanied on your trip to the most beautiful places all around. Treat yourself to this extraordinary pleasure!

Segway providers
Tel.: 015115307769 / 017672237470
OT: Bad Meinberg
Tel.: +49 (0) 5234/69712
Mobil: 017625492568
OT: Leopoldstal