The "Wildhang " is equipped with a ski lift  and is available all year long for the flight school "High-School" Werther Westphalia. Due to its geographical location, it is also ideally suited as a training slope. In the lower flat part the flight students can begin with mounting exercises . Then you can improve and expand your exercises on a gentle rise grass meadows hang . Already towards the middle, but particularly in the upper part of the slope you will have these oblique running areas where the takeoffs with kites and paragliders are optimal. Generous areas allow plenty of clearance for landing exercises in different directions.

A special feature of this slope is that in a strong tailwind in an area related salient rotor can be flown in a uniform weak headwind.

Starting Slope for Kites and Paragliding

Start direction: O,SO
Height difference: 57 meters


32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg
Tel.: +49 (0) 171/8522203