The Velmerstot route, certified as a quality trail since September 2017, begins in the village of Leopoldstal. From there it climbs up to the highest elevation in the Egge Mountains, the Velmerstot. This is a twin summit with a sandstone obelisk and the Eggeturm. From this 17-metre-high wooden construction you can enjoy a panoramic view over the land of Hermann to the Brocken and the Soester Börde. The Lippische Velmerstot, as the name suggests, is located in the Lippe region and the Prussian Velmerstot in the former state of Prussia. Today the borders of the districts of Lippe, Paderborn and Höxter meet here. The way down leads to the Silberbach. Its Kerbtal valley, impressively shaped by nature, is one of the most popular hiking areas in the nature park. Let yourself be enchanted and guided by the quietly rippling Silberbach. Its pure water and natural course are considered a treasure worth preserving.

This route is certified by the German Hiking Association.