Meinberger Kulturmeile

An interplay between culture, human traces, narrow paths, views over forests and meadows on historic terrain is what this circular walk offers you. The path takes you back into the past of the 250-year-old spa, which still enchants you with its charm today if you look closely. Outstanding monuments of the cultural history of the state spa guide you. You will meet formative personalities of the fountain town, centuries-old half-timbered houses, historic churches and the "source" of all origins for the spa culture of Bad Meinberg - the fountain temple. Information boards per station provide the relevant information. Expand on this hike by enjoying the expanse of the parks and tapping into the fantastic and mystical moorland landscape with its "black gold", one of the three healing treasures besides carbonic acid and medicinal water that give Bad Meinberg its character as a spa resort.