The Leistrup Forest is one of the forests with the richest variety of species in Lippe. Deciduous trees like the red beech, red alder or sessile oak belong to the dense tree population. The subsoil is formed by sandstone and clay. Due to the water-storing properties of the clay layer, there are countless ponds, springs and streams. History can also be felt here. The Leistruper-Wald-Route, for example, leads past a 3,500 year old stone mound grave with a diameter of about eight metres. The so-called sacrificial stones, which are assigned to a ritual background, can also be found along the way. The real highlight of the circular route, however, is the forest adventure trail, which was built in 2015. Eleven stations on different themes invite young and old to try out and discover. There is a lot to learn about the forest and its inhabitants, but there are also sensory and perceptual tasks to be mastered.