A small and yet vast country, only seemingly bordered by the mountain ranges of the Teutoburg Forest, the Egge and the Weserbergland. The sky arches far above the plains and forest heights and lets the clouds drift into the distance. Nestled between the Westphalian Bight and the North German Plain, the Teutoburg Forest rises, on whose heights the Hermannsweg trail stretches from Rheine to the Egge Mountains and from there, after merging with the Eggeweg, to Obermarsberg. Ancient cultivated land opens up to the astonished gaze of the hiker. Historical sites invite you to branch off from the path and linger. The Hermannshöhen follow old trade routes, on which the hiker feels that he is walking in the footsteps of his ancestors and certainly many a Roman legionary or Saxon trader has sweated under one or the other ascent. An interesting travel company.