GPS-Erlebnispfad Meinberger Moormeile

"Oh, it is eerie to walk across the moor when it is teeming with the smoke of the heather, the vapours spin like phantoms and the tendrils crochet the shrubbery, under each step a spring springs up, when it hisses and sings from the crevice ..." Annette von Droste-Hülshoff wrote. Well, these thoughts need not accompany the visitor of this hiking trail when he gets to know the Meinberg treasure, the moor. It is a very special landscape that has its more or less hidden charms in every season: billowing cotton grass, carnivorous sundew and glittering ice drops. The bog grows only one mm/year, so that the visitor suddenly realizes how easily this unique landscape can be destroyed and how important it is to handle this natural treasure of nature with care. Even though the "Stinkebrink" may rightly bear its name, it is precisely the sulphur that contributes to the special healing power here.