Entire continental plates had to be shifted 70 million years ago to create the healing garden of Europe. The effort was worth it! Bad Lippspringe in the west, Bad Meinberg in the north and Bad Driburg in the east form an almost isosceles triangle that combines health competence, hiking pleasure and quality of life. A challenging, but also very attractive hiking trail. A path that a romantic such as Novalis could have imagined: fairytale Silberbach Valley, historic heath landscape on the hilltop of the Lippe Velmerstot, old trade and army routes along the mountain ridges, the village of Kempen, which is thought to be a Roman camp, the Franconian Iburg, the cultural landscape of the Senne, and again and again the shady, light-flooded forests. At each destination there is a traditional, yet modern spa, where the tired hiker can rest and recuperate.