100 Hörnchen

In the Middle Ages, the Lippe noblemen quickly realised that the best way to ensure the security of their country was to establish towns. So the noble lord Bernhard III chose Horn as his first town foundation, for the first time even with a castle, which he used as his seat of power. Situated on Hellweg, the ancient trade and army road, the town experienced an early period of prosperity. It was so rich that it could buy its way out of the Soest feud in the 15th century and was not destroyed. Even a devastating town fire could not destroy its charming nooks and crannies. Following the yellow croissants, the visitor will discover the Sleeping Beauty of this Lippe city. The castle museum surprises with a well-assorted collection of regional specialities, such as prehistoric finds from the Externsteine, medieval weapons, paintings and sculptures by local artists and much more.