Golf Courses


The Blomberg-Cappel golf course is only located about 8 kilometers distance to Horn-Bad Meinberg , surrounded by the beautiful lippischen landscape and is without comparison. The very well-maintained complex offers the beginner and the experienced handicap players a sporting challenge. Dominant elements of the golf course are high valley with demanding slopes, old trees, water holes and natural habitats. The clubhouse is located in a timbered house and after 5 months of refurbishing, it has reopened again to all members and guests.

Miniature Golf

In the historic park of Horn-Bad Meinberg you will find a Miniature Golf course, which is open during the summer till dusk. You will find this Miniature Golf course at the Pyrmonter Street/Corner Parkstrasse No. 33.  There is a kiosk to loan the equipment, as well as a small children's playground and a ping pong table.


Lippischer Golfclub e.V.
Huxoll 14
32825 Blomberg-Cappel
Tel.: +49 (0) 5236/459 



Miniature Golf
Pyrmonter Str. /
Ecke Parkstr. 33
32805 Horn-Bad-Meinberg
Tel.: +49 (0) 172/5218411