Werre-Weser-Märchen-Bogen an Werre, Weser und Emmer

On this fairytale cycle tour you can enjoy enchanting places that offer you the true setting of ancient legends and lore. There you can become a player yourself. Here with us in Horn-Bad Meinberg, where the Werre river rises in marshy swamps, becomes visible in the Silvaticum and Historical Spa Park, is the official starting and end point of the Werre-Weser-Bogen cycle tour. In the cultural and Hanseatic cities of Detmold and Herford, city guides are waiting for you to tell you about princes, witches and pilgrims. Let your body's own vitality and energy guide you through the land of Cinderella and Baron Münchhausen with more sights before the Pied Piper welcomes you in Hameln. Follow the course of the river Emmer and discover the Hämelschenburg, which also takes you back to the past times of counts and knights before you wake up from your fairy tale dream.