The healing treasures of nature - moor, healing water, carbonic acid, air - combined with time out for people are the "old" miracle cures of medicine. They stand for vitality, health, energy and joy of life. In these times, which are characterised by pressure to perform and a fast pace of life, the healing treasures as natural amphetamines are facing a renaissance.

Air - the elixir of life.

All air is not the same. In our country, fox and hare say "good night" to each other, but they do so in delightfully good air. The bio-climate in the climatic health resort of Holzhausen-Externsteine is particularly soothing and breathtaking. Take a relaxing air bath of a special kind and feel how body and soul are vitalised within a short time. The reason is the unique location of the place, which provides a mild stimulating climate all year round.

Healing of the Meinberg State Spa

  • Carbon dioxide - the basis of life
    As pure as a diamond and as sparkling as champagne. By means of machine impregnation, the carbonic acid is offered as a sparkling pearl or Hauffesches Armbad. In the historical spa gardens you will find the Mofette (deep drilling) directly next to the spa centre, which opens up the largest natural deposit of carbonic acid in Europe. Carbonic acid is indispensable for the life-giving carbon cycle. Carbonic acid applications are currently only found in our thermal mineral bath (Bad Meinberg bathhouse). There you bathe in natural thermal mineral water to which, among other things, carbonic acid is added.
  • Medicinal water
    For more than 100 years our healing water has been of certified constant composition and quality. Originating in the deep rock layers of the Teutoburg Forest and the Egge Mountains, it refreshes, is very healthy and rich in vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It is optimally suited for a low-sodium diet, is used in drinking cures and has a supportive effect in cases of osteoporosis, allergies or alimentary calcium deficiency states. It is a medication without side effects - you can find a "package insert" here.

    Bad Meinberg medicinal springs in combination with a drinking cure.

  • Moor - the black "gold"
    Moor vitalizes, regenerates and activates. It warms and caresses both body and soul, produces a soft, pore-deeply clean skin, well supplied with blood muscles and flexible joints. Certain ingredients are absorbed through the skin into the human organism where they have an anti-inflammatory effect with the body's own proteins.




Air (mild bracing climate)

  • strengthens the immune system
  • Increases the efficiency

Carbon dioxide

  • promotes the blood circulation
  • aids digestion
  • lowers the blood pressure
  • acts antibacterially

Healing water is used

  • in case of nutritional deficiencies (e.g. magnesium or calcium)
  • to stimulate the metabolism and organ functions
  • for the supportive treatment of osteoporosis

Moor is used for

  • chronic inflammation. rheumatism. Disease
  • degenerative rheumatism. Disease
  • Arthrosis and arthritis
  • Osteoporosis