Staatsbad Meinberg

The Staatsbad Meinberg is one of the most important mineral and moor Spa’s in Germany. In the modern spa facilities, patients are treated with rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases and nervous and gynecological disorders. Enjoy swimming, gymnastics, tennis or stroll through our parks and enjoy your day in our coffee places and beer gardens. Enjoy the flair of this spa town where tradition and the modern flair meets.

Horn Bad Meinberg is located in an enchanting landscape surrounded by meadows, fields and forests in the nature park Eggegebirge in the southern Teutoburg Forest.  Protected by the woods, a mild climate prevails the whole year. Nature Friends will find a unique view of the charming countryside from almost everywhere. The varied Flora and Fauna can be discovered on the over 400 km well-maintained hiking trails or with the bike. The over 1000 year old Bad Meinberg is praised and recommended by famous contemporary physicians with its natural healing.
The recovered locally sulfur Moor, the Bad Meinberger carbonated water and the two different mineralized sources are processed here. The healing powers are used for numerous balanced therapies and supplemented by versatile supportive treatments - from massages to hydrotherapy. Bad Meinberg is considered a “Haven of peace” and an insider’s tip for recreation seekers. Enjoy the active recreation with a lot of Wellness, Fitness and Beauty offers.

GesUndTourismus Horn-Meinberg GmbH
Parkstr. 10
32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg
Tel.: +49 (0) 5234/20597-0

Opening times:
Mon. closed
Tue-Fr. 10:00-17:30 o'clock
Sat. 10:00 - 13:00 o'clock

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please contact your host or in the spa. Adults pay € 1.60 tax per day from the first day of stay in Staatsbad Meinberg for at least two consecutive days. Kicker accompanying adult € 1.60 per day, young people (14 to 18 years) € 1.60 per day, children (under 14 years) € 1.00 per day.

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