The Lippischen farmers (Land-Wirte)

Lippisch, warmly, good – You are very welcome to a “Landpartie” trough Lippe. The hospitality in the country is prescribed by the Land-Wirte. All over Lippe they serve their guests genuine kitchen made out of fresh products from our Lipperland. Together they would like to give their guests a great life feeling, quality and service. “Des Lippers Leibgericht” (favorite meals for a Lipper) is ranging from the Lippische Potatoe Soup, to the Pickert, the Lippisch pork steak on thick beans till the “Puttappel”. But also individually, they put regional and international ideas on their menu. Each house has their own character. Therefore, it is worth it to take the culinary trip from Land-Wirt to Land-Wirt. The dice game “Landpartie” you can play everywhere. With the Country – Wirte – Map you can plan your trips.

Our Land-Wirte in Horn-Bad Meinberg