Historical Kurpark (Spa Park) Bad Meinberg

The 6.25-hectare historic spa park is one of the oldest mineral and mud spa parks in Germany and was created in the late baroque from 1767 and again adapted and expanded to the requirements of a modern health and spa industry. From the landscaped gardens of the 19th century until today, a large part of the old trees have been preserved on Schneckenberg. In the 20th century three more areas were added. The Berggarten completed in 1932 is determined by a geometric design whose characteristic element is a large central staircase. Elaborately designed flower beds lead to the spa gardens at the lake with a twelve meter high fountain. Finally, the Laenderwaldpark. On 40ha have been created here in the 60s of last century different forest landscapes from a total of 14 regions of the world, which are interconnected by wide open meadows.

Seekurpark Bad Meinberg – Lake Spa Park Bad Meinberg

From 1952 to 1955, the garden by the lake was created and designed by Hermann Niemeyer. The park can be reached from the historic Spa park (Kurpark) and has plant beds with alternating planting. From the months of May to October from 9:00 am till 11:00 am and 3:00 pm till 5:00 pm visitors will find a 12 meter high water fountain. Previously, there was, in this place, a lily pond, which was quite swampy.

Laenderwaldpark Silvaticum Bad Meinberg – Country forest park Silvaticum Bad Meinberg

During the end of the 1950’s they envisioned in Bad Meinberg an extension of these parks. The three existing parks - the historic spa park (Kurpark), the Seekurpark and Bergkurkarten - were no longer sufficient due to the enormous increasing numbers of Spa Guests. The National Forest Master, Dr. Arnold Splettstößer, had the idea to create for Germany a completely new park, a country forest park, ordered by different landscapes from different countries of the world. The trees should be planted in a wide green landscape. Dr. Splettstoesslers goal was to gather as many foreign trees and shrubs in the park, in order to demonstrate the variety and vitality of various types in our region.

The required area, which was about 36ha in periphery, was purchased by the Landesverband Lippe, the institution of the Staatsbades Meinberg, from several local farmers. In 1961, they started on the infrastructure and in 1962, there were thirteen sections, about 1 ha each, of forest landscapes created. Seven of these woodlands are native to central and southern Europe. In addition, four North American and East Asian forest were created. The later developed fourteenth area comes from the Caucasus. Dr. Splettstößer called the new Laenderwald (country forest park) from the Latin "silva" (forest) and derived the name "Silvaticum". The former horticultural department of the Staatsbades Meinberg and the forestry department of the Landesverbandes Lippe planted 36,000 trees and shrubs in an area of approximately 12 hectare. On the remaining land emerged meadows and paths. The paths of the Silvaticum are used  for relaxing walks and hikes.

Bergkurpark Bad Meinberg

The Bergkurpark was completed in 1932  to the north of the historic spa park, and covers an area of approximately 3 hectares between Stern and Schanzenberg. This terraced park is determined by its geometric design. Defining elements are the generous central staircase and the stone walls with various stone garden flowers and shrubs. Roses, shrub groups and boxwood break up this garden design. The Garden of the Senses is intended to stimulate the senses. The plans were submitted by landscape architect Pieper from Bielefeld and excecuted by the garden master Hermann Niemeyer from Bad Meinberg.

Kurpark Holzhausen

Small but beautiful is what you can call the Kurpark in Holzhausen . It has a rich population of trees and bushes, with over 36 species from 3 different continents. Maple trees  to Cedar trees give this gem its special charm. The highlights are the Sequoia and the Ginkgo trees. Therefore, the park is inviting to relax and also to marvel. A Stunning panoramic view, benches to rest and a place of tranquility  with natural good air await your visit.