Workplace health promotion

Workplace health promotion is defined as the performance and motivation of the people who work for a company. Workplace health promotion should consistently be a hierarchy and is only effective if it reaches all the people who work for a company.

Therefore, what can be done, so that all people who work for a company, regardless of their position, grow personally and flourish despite their mental and physical challenges?

You might say that this sounds too simple and in the end will be too expensive. We say that health promotion (not: Health Management) doesn’t need to be expensive.  It is neither a nationwide or enacted Coaching session nor is as much as a medical check required. On the contrary, prescribed measures restrict an important feature of human well-being, namely self-determination.

The task of the occupational health promotion is the creation of health awareness among all employees from experts, specialists to assistants, executives and top management.

The positive consequences

  • Tardiness and absenteeism decline
  • Powerful and frequent smiling staff develops
  • Employment and quality of results are incremented
  • Great Place to Work
  • Employer attractiveness and employee loyalty  improves
  • Human and social capital Increment

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Besides: Expenses for the improvement of the general health of employees and workplace health promotion are tax free up to an amount of EUR 500 per employee per year.