Prevention and healthpromotion

Both concepts have something in common, namely the achievement of a profitable healthy life. The term prevention or better health prevention, was developed as a social medicine in the 19th century.
It refers to the efforts of preventing the reoccurrence of diseases through eliminating and repressing the triggering factors. The name health promotion, however, was embossed on the WHO conference in Ottawa in 1983.

The Goal of health promotion is to improve the living conditions and the alteration in lifestyle to strengthen the individual’s health. So in the case of prevention, it is about understanding what is preventing goals coupled with the avoidance of motivation.  In health promotion the approach is to develop goals coupled with how to develop motivation. When we look at the development of our curative systems, the systems to treat sickness, we come to the conclusion that these systems are encountered in the face of so-called common diseases.  These mainly result from demographic development as well as social, economic and medical boundaries. So, we should not be "frivolous" and wait until we are sick and start using medicine to be healed. Instead, we should reach for preventive and health strengthened strategies to cope with the social and economic challenges of the altered sickness spectrum.

What does that mean for our living environment? Minimize the consumption of carbohydrate and exercise more.