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Yoga is one of the forty disciplines of Vedic science. "Yoga" means "unity" - the in-itself-peace-coming and "oneness" with the transcendent, not manifest level of own Self (Atma). The experience of "Yoga" is the experience of absolute silence - freedom of thoughts - and at the same time absolute alertness: The basic experience of life. This condition is also known as transcendental consciousness.


Yoga is like a language with many dialects. The dialect defines the intensity of the integration of body, mind and soul. You will find with us, no matter what you prefer, your "dialect". The arc goes from figure hugging Hatha yoga and its expression Lyengar Yoga to the integrating systems of holistic Sivananda Yoga up to Jnana Yoga. The Yoga of Silence has the pursuit of self-knowledge and the ultimate truth without physical exercises. Under Yoga we understand a wide continuum of origins, such syntheses Svastha Yoga, as a compound of the ancient Indian traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda and innovations such as the Laughter Yoga. Actually, the easiest form of yoga is the computation of transcendental meditation (original method by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) - it is therefore referred to as the "royal road".

The most important thing: When choosing your version, remember, the human is always self-determined and also remains like this.

With Yoga Vidya, you will find the largest Yoga - community outside India. Yoga Vidya offers a variety of Yoga seminars for beginners and advanced students, offers Yoga - Conferences as well as Yoga training/education as a Yoga teacher and even the ability on how to live and work.


Ayurveda is a traditional Indian healing art, which has many users in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka and as a holistic medicine, as a complementary approach, also is finding more and more users. Ayurveda is a combination of experience and philosophical insights, and focuses on the aspects for human health in combination with the important aspects for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. If you like to enrich your holidays with Yoga and Ayurveda, you will find numerous places in the town.

Yoga Vidya e.V.

Among other providers, see the place with the greatest Yoga Vidya Yoga community outside India. Here you can visit short and long term courses and even find your center of life. The yoga community has again met the then vacant clinics on silvaticum with life. So immerse yourself in the world of yoga in Little India.



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