Strengthen your health natural

The healing treasures of nature - sulfur Moor, medicinal water, carbon dioxide, air - coupled with a time-out for the humans are the "old" magic medicine. They stand for vitality, health and energy. During the times marked by performance pressure and fast pace, these healing treasures, which stand as natural amphetamines, are in danger of a renaissance.

Sulfur Moor - "black gold"

The Bad Meinberger sulfur moor revitalizes, regenerates and activates natually. Moor warms and caresses your body and soul, brings a soft, deep-clean to your skin, and promotes the blood flow into your muscles and flexible joints. The moor is extracted locally from our area and after its application, is returned to nature.

Book accommodation of your choice (excluding visitors tax.) And enjoy the primal forces of nature. What causes this and other information about our Moor applications can be found here.

Healing water - cures without side effects

For more than 100 years, our healing water have been certified to have consistent composition and quality. The waters rise from the depths below the Teutoburger Forest and Eggegebirge. It is very refreshing, very healthy and rich in essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Our water is ideal for low sodium nutrition. It has applications in drinking cures and medicinal baths, such as the cardiovascular disease-like and the carbonated mineral water pearl bath. It is a drug without any side effects. A "package insert" can be found here.

Carbon dioxide - the basis of life

As pure as a diamond and as sparkling as champagne, with the help of mechanical impregnation, it is offered as the carbonated sparkling “pearl- or Haufesches arm bath”. Located in the historic cure park right next to the tourist information hall, you will find the Mofette (deep drilling Spot) which opens up the largest natural carbon dioxide deposits in Europe. Carbonic acid is essential to the life-giving carbon cycle.

Air - the elixir of life

Air is not air. Although the fox and the hare say "Good night" in our area, they do so in delightfully fresh air. Especially soothing and breath-giving, is the bio climate in the town Holzhausen-Externsteine. Come here for a relaxing special “Luftbad” (air bath) and feel how body and mind are revitalized in a short time. The unique location of this resort town provides a year round and mild bracing climate.


Moor finds use in

  • chronically inflamed rheumatic disease
  • degenerative rheumatic disease
  • Arthrosis and arthritis
  • osteoporosis

Healing water finds use

  • with nutritional deficiencies (eg. magnesium or calcium)
  • to stimulate the metabolism and organ functions
  • for supporting the treatment of osteoporosis

carbonic acid

  • promotes blood circulation
  • aids digestion
  • lowers blood pressure
  • has an antibacterial effect

Air (mild climate)

  • strengthens the immune system
  • increases performance