Your way to your Cure

Claim: Everybody who is insured and who has the present medical Precondition obligations, shall be entitled to a cure and can be requested again every three years (outpatient) or every four years (in-patient).

Medical report: After a visit with your doctor, he certifies the medical necessity of a Cure treatment. Depending on the medical prognoses, he recommends an outpatient or inpatient stay.

Request: Together with the doctor, you fill out the request for a cure or preventive rehabilitation program. Then submit the application with your local insurance (health insurance or pension insurance, benefits office).

Examination & Approval: The Medical service or office doctor will review and consider the request made by you. Approval has to be granted by the competent health insurance, pension or benefits office.

Procedure: In order to have the best possible long-lasting effect on your health, a cure should be at least three to four weeks.

Your way to the cure

The way to cure represented as graph. Please click here.